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Bougie Water Review #2: L.A. Juice's L.A. Beauty

Yes, you read that right — it's another L.A. Juice review. I mean, of course I bought more than one juice at L.A. Juice! I LOVE TORTURING MY TASTE AND WALLET! I kid, I kid.

Anyway, I decided to try L.A. Beauty, which is a blend of apple, lemon, and ginger (I'm trying out oxford commas again because Disney likes them. I used to like them, but then I became trained to think they're bad... UGH!! Just decide already, ENGLISH LANGUAGE). 

PACKAGING: Again, L.A. Juice has really photogenic bottles. L.A. Beauty has a murky yellow color. Not as pretty as the Rose Water, but still nice. 

CLAIM: Immune booster, improves circulation. Hmm. Well, I haven't become sick yet since drinking it, but I only drank it a few days ago, so... I'll let you know. As for the circulation, I'm gonna come out and say "nope." I haven't noticed better circulation, and honestly, my right arm has felt sleepy and weird lately, but that could be due to the fact that I've started working out again (more on that later). 

PRICE: $9. Yeah, I hate myself, too.

TASTE: I really like the taste! It's spicy due to the ginger, so it's a little shocking at first, but if you like spicy I think you'll like this. The spiciness kind of overrides any other taste, but I think it's kinda fruity? IDK; honestly, like I said, the spice is intense, but in a good way.

BOUGIE-NESS: Just like the Rose Water, this is also pretty bougie. 

OVERALL THOUGHTS: I enjoyed drinking it, but because it's expensive, and I don't think its claims really work, I probably won't buy it again for at least a few months (insert sassy girl emoji). Another unfortunate thing about this one is that it's COMBUSTABLE! Well, kind of. I didn't drink the whole bottle when I took it on my drive into work, so I left some of it in my car with the cap on. When I got back to my car it had exploded. Why? I think it has to do with the ginger and maybe fermentation? I don't know, I hate science, sorry. But this has happened before with some of my other organic ginger juice concoctions, not to the same exploding extent, but the bottles of my other juices have become pressurized to the point of near-explosion. It's like carbonation, but not. I DON'T UNDERSTAND SCIENCE. Anyway, my car now kinda has a weird ginger smell to it. 

Science? Ugh, idk and idc.

Science? Ugh, idk and idc.

GOOP APPROVED? Yes. Another four out of five Goopies!