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Bougie Water Review #1: L.A. Juice's Rose

Am I a sucker for regular water disguised as something much more than it really is? HECK YES, I AM!  To quote one of my best friends, "[Amelia], you and your BOUGIE WATER." That is why I made sure to stop at L.A. Juice today to pick up their Alkaline Water with Rose Essence

Here is my first Bougie Water Review — I drink pretentious water (kind of an oxymoron, isn't it?) so you don't have to! ...Well, I mean, maybe you'll like my review and end up buying some. I don't know, it's your life.

This was like, $7

This was like, $7

PACKAGING: Really photogenic! As you can see from the photo above, it has a really pretty pink color that looks great on Instagram. I like the simple font, and the squat little shape adds to the cute factor. The only thing is that I wish the bottle was glass so that I could have a reason to save it and use it for something else.

CLAIM: Aids detoxification, mood enhancer. (Yeah, I don't know about these claims... I definitely had a weird stomach ache afterwards, but that might have been because I hadn't had anything to eat in five hours, and I had just survived my first Cycle House class).

PRICE: $7. The Minnesotan in me wants to slap myself (but then again, we have an expensive juice shop now! Granted, it's only one, compared to the juice stores on every corner in L.A.). There isn't a lot of water in the bottle, to be honest. I guzzled this baby down pretty quickly.

TASTE: Eh, not a huge fan. It tastes like perfumed water. You can definitely taste the rose, which is weird.

BOUGIE-NESS: This is pretty bougie. I mean, the name is "L.A. Juice Alkaline Water with Rose Essence." Yeah. Just imagine your friend trying to convince you of the claims of this $7 water — "Oh em gee, Anne! This water like, totally, makes me feel *so* detoxified! I can feel my pores opening and my blackheads disappearing." Meanwhile, your friend has only drank half of the tiny bottle.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: I probably won't buy this again, but you know what? I already have 18 likes on Instagram from the photo that I posted of it, so there.

GOOP APPROVED? Yes. I give it four out of five Goopies (I didn't give it five because Goop herself hasn't recommended it... yet).