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This Day in Disney History


This Day in Disney History

This Day in Disney History is a video series that celebrates various important dates in Disney history, such as the anniversary of Peter Pan, Mickey's birthday, and the anniversary of the opening of Disney California Adventure. I serve as writer and co-producer of this series, where I worked alongside our in-house production team, as well as Walt Disney Archives and Walt Disney Animation Studios. Please take a look at three of my favorite DDH videos:


High School Musical

This Day in Disney History: High School Musical is probably my favorite video that I've done for the DDH series thus far. As someone who grew up in the aughts, the choice to pitch this concept was a no-brainer. Additionally, I wrote the copy, sourced the material, and even selected the song that plays in the background, so it was really exciting to see how successful it ended up being, with over 2.5 million views within the video's first 6 months on Facebook. 


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

We put together this DDH video for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' 80th anniversary in February 2018, and it turned out to be a success, with over 2M views on Facebook within the first 6 months. In researching this video, I sadly learned that the rouge you see on Snow's cheeks are not, in fact, actual makeup, like the old rumor suggests.  


Sleeping Beauty

One of my most vivid early memories involves a friend forcing me to watch the scene where Maleficent turns into the dragon, so suffice to say, Disney's Sleeping Beauty holds an interesting place in my heart. Regardless of my traumatic experience, Sleeping Beauty is a timeless Disney fairytale, and I really enjoyed working with the great people over at Walt Disney Animation Studios and Walt Disney Archives to source the most interesting facts and concept art from the film for our DDH video. And with over 1M views on Facebook, it's clear that not everyone was as scarred as I was watching Sleeping Beauty for the first time.