Bachelor in Paradise: The one where I get blocked by Amanda the mom on Twitter

Well, it has happened. I've been blocked on Twitter, and not by a MAGA person, but by a member of #BachelorNation. Who knew!

Now I'm sure you're thinking to yourself, "Amelia! This sounds like something that would happen to you, but still, what exactly happened?" Okay then, let me tell you with a long-winded blog post! Ready? Let's go!

Last night, Amanda Stanton, the mom who has been on three separate iterations of Bachelor shows, blocked me after I INNOCENTLY (lol, jk) replied to one of her tweets. This means I can no longer see her tweets, nor follow her (see image below). Honestly, that's totally fine with me because I wasn't following her, and last night was the first time I had ever tweeted at her. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 10.03.15 PM.png

It all started when the episode gave us a true look at Dean and his fuc boi ways, of which I will get into at a later time. Amanda, as well as many people involved in #BachelorNation, took to their respective Twitter accounts to condemn Dean and his manipulative ways. And while I technically can no longer view her tweets, her three most recent tweets are still available to me if I google her name: 

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 12.52.56 PM.png

Naturally, I replied to her most recent tweet concerning Dean (far left) with this:

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 1.03.56 PM.png

Is this the most mature, nice thing I could tweet out? Of course not! But this is #BachelorNation, and messy is what that entire franchise does best. Anyway, she blocked me from her tweets, and a few random people on Twitter jumped to her defense, and told me that I was "rude," and that I should "find something better to do 🙄." 


Let me tell you, it took a lot of strength to not tweet back at her “fans.” Thankfully, I told my friend about this and she texted me the following: 


Bless her. 

Anyway, here’s the thing: I can acknowledge that being on a TV show doesn't wholly determine your capabilities as a parent, however, it does call into question your priorities as a parent. And it’s pretty clear, especially given the fact that she’s been on three different versions of Bachelor shows in the past year-and-a-half, that Amanda's priorities are not with her daughters. Yet, she goes on these reality shows under the guise of “I’m doing what’s best for my kids!” I’m sorry, but if she were doing what’s best for her daughters she wouldn’t have them shill stuff for her on Instagram (see image below), and she definitely wouldn’t be introducing them to men she’s only known for a matter of weeks.

And let's not forget that her daughters are very young—we’re talking ages 3 and 5, and you have to be very careful about leaving children that young for prolonged amounts of time. Honestly, I think it would be different for me if Amanda's daughters were older because they could understand why their mother was abandoning them for weeks at a time. But that’s not the case. Instead, it’s sending her daughters a message that they aren’t her first and main concern, which is not something you want a young, impressionable child to believe. I’ve seen too many episodes of Intervention to not know that.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 11.59.23 PM.png

I'm sure this was a lot to take in, so if you're still reading this I applaud you. What started off as a funny story post kind of got real, but I really wanted to explain myself and reiterate that I have real concerns about people who put their children in situations that have the potential to cause lifelong issues.

/end rant.

Bachelorette: Men Tell All

Look at these fools! Tonight was the "Men Tell All" episode of The Bachelorette, which means tea was spilled, salt was abundantly sprinkled, and shade was generously thrown about the soundstage (wow that sounds pretty, huh). While most of the 2-hour special was anything but, I did feel like the episode tried to open a couple dialogues on race and ... maybe mental health? Regardless, it's not like the progressive discussion went well beyond someone being like "I'm sorry for the tweets you perceived as racist," but whatever. Honestly, no one should expect anything from a show that tried to make "Brokeback Bachelor" a thing a few years ago, or the whole consent issue with the most recent season of Bachelor in Paradise. Do I feel bad that I watch this show? Of course, but at least I'm not someone who follows the contestants on Instagram. However, I do put them on my Instagram stories! ... Enjoy.

Bachelorette, the Penultimate Episode!

Yes, this is a week late, but guess what—I DON'T CARE! Tomorrow night is the "Men Tell All" episode, which is pretty much just an excuse for Chris Harrison to try and be Ryan Seacrest, but as we all know CHRIS HARRISON WILL NEVER BE RYAN SEACREST!! ... Okay, anyway, as a quick recap, here is my Instagram story (with accompanying commentary) from last week's "meet Rachel's family!"/Fantasy Suite episode:

 BRYAN IS NOT A GOOD PERSON. Also, he has these intense fillers that are really obvious when he turns to the side. 

BRYAN IS NOT A GOOD PERSON. Also, he has these intense fillers that are really obvious when he turns to the side. 

 Also, Bryan is a fake doctor (he's a chiropractor). And he was on that UPN show "Player." 

Also, Bryan is a fake doctor (he's a chiropractor). And he was on that UPN show "Player." 

 Rachel's sweet mother. I liked Rachel's sister the best because she also hates Bryan. Love it when mutual hate brings people together!

Rachel's sweet mother. I liked Rachel's sister the best because she also hates Bryan. Love it when mutual hate brings people together!

 Lovely Rachel. 

Lovely Rachel. 

 MR. GQ HIMSELF!!! Go Peter! Go Badgers!

MR. GQ HIMSELF!!! Go Peter! Go Badgers!

Snapchat Stories: Emma Watson Belle Doll Edition

Remember about a month ago when the Emma Watson Beauty and the Beast doll was released and it looked more like the Biebs in a ballgown? Well, guess what was brought in to the office today from the Disney Store rep. YUP, THE EMMA WATSON BEAUTY AND THE BEAST DOLL. Naturally I took pics and posted them on Snapchat, and now I share them on this blog (click to enlarge):

Bougie Beverage Review #3: Alfred Coffee

Well, it's been a while since I wrote a beverage review. My apologies, but things are super busy at work—and yes, I will spare you the details. Anyway, I'm switching things up and I'm going to give you my review of Alfred Coffee, a very popular coffee chain in LA. A lot of people visit the WeHo location, which is a known hot spot for skinny "Instagram models" who love doing impromptu photoshoots with their coffees and #OOTDs. Seriously, I have seen groups of fashionable women take their big EOS cameras out and start posing beside one of the many Instagrammable spots.

PACKAGING: Alfred Coffee is known for their drink sleeves. Disney Style and Minnie Mouse did a recent collaboration with them, and it was actually really cute, as you can see from the photo above. Not that I've started a mini collection of sleeves that I proudly display on my desk, but you know...  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (Yes, I did just use the pre-emoji shrug guy).

PRICE: They have a $10 latte. (This particular chai was $7, I think).

TASTE: Their drinks are pricy, but they're actually really good. They have coffee, nitro coffee, nitro chai (my favorite), and matcha.

BOUGIE-NESS: They proudly display their $10 latte. 

OVERALL THOUGHTS: I love Alfred's, it's very LA. Sure, it's expensive, but I don't care, it's good quality caffeine.

GOOP APPROVED? Yes! Yet another four out of five Goopies! I only took off one Goop because I see hipsters at the Silverlake location.


Once upon a time I wrote about my thoughts on the (current) cast of The Bachelor, but unfortunately I had to edit a lot of it because it wasn't very nice. So now I am going to post my original article, while you can look at the one they posted to Oh My Disney. Enjoy!

Sure, your mother told you to never judge a book by its cover, but this is The Bachelor, and once those contestant photo/bios come out, everyone is fair game.

This season we’ve got some great professions, including a doula (someone who assists women during childbirth), a food truck owner, and an aspiring dolphin trainer. Speaking of dolphins, it should be noted that five of Nick’s ladies would choose to be dolphins if they could be any animal—or, succinctly, to quote one of my colleagues, “FIVE OF THEM WANT TO BE DOLPHINS.” Anyway, here are my final four predictions, as well as other contestants of note. I’ve provided a bio, and archetype or superlative each, which I’m just basing off their photo and short bio on The Bachelor's website.

Final Four Picks

The alpha female: Corrine, 24.

As a business owner at such a young age, Corinne seems like she’ll be very competitive. I guarantee we get gratuitous shots of her without makeup at 6 am saying things like, “I really think Nick wants someone who’s got her stuff together, ya know?" to the nearest girl.

The old soul: Taylor, 23.

Taylor is definitely wise beyond her years, which is good because Nick is closer to 40 than he is 30, however some would argue that his personality is the other way around, but I digress. Taylor also seems like she’s the kind of person who enjoys cowl neck sweaters as much as ironic trucker hats, which means she’s open, adaptable, and honest. JK I don’t know what that means—I can just envision her wearing both cowl necks and trucker hats.

The dark horse: Sarah, 26.

Sarah has two Nicholas Sparks references in her bio, and she does it without actually saying “My favorite movie is anything Nicholas Sparks.” I like that, it’s kinda sneaky. Sarah is my dark horse final four prediction, and I think there’s also a very good chance she pronounces Nick’s name like “neck.”

The right one: Vanessa, 29.

Ah, finally someone within a decade of Nick’s age. Vanessa is a special education teacher who speaks three languages, which is pretty cool. She has a nice smile and an overall warm presence to her, which makes me think she’s probably genuine, patient, and has tried shrimp once.

Bachelorette Superlatives

Most likely to have the weirdest job: Alexis, 23.

There’s always one per season, and this year it’s Alexis, who aspires to be a dolphin trainer. Yes, you read that correctly—she’s not a dolphin trainer quite yet, but one day she hopes to be. There’s really nothing more that needs to be said. But seriously, Alexis probably won’t last much longer than the first cocktail party. Why? Because she has a tattoo on her left hip that reads “smile with the rising sun.”

Most likely to end up on Bachelor in ParadiseElizabeth “Liz,” 29.

Liz is a doula who listed coconut oil and fresh air as a couple of the things she can’t live without. Liz clearly loves talking about her holistic lifestyle, and probably has an Instagram account dedicated to her healthy living blog. That being said, Liz is the perfect candidate for BIP because she’s into the natural life, and she’s very pretty.

Most likely to be too good for Nick: Rachel, 31.

There’s always that one contestant who makes you think “What are you doing on this show?” Rachel is hands down that contestant. She’s an attorney who embraces aging, is not embarrassed to be a fan of Justin Bieber, and listed Jean-Michel Basquiat as her favorite artist. WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON THIS SHOW? This woman is not only too good for Nick, she’s too good for the entire Bachelor franchise. Honestly, Rachel will probably be a top four pick because duh.

Most likely to confuse Nick by looking like Andi Dorfman: Astrid, 26.

Not a total dead ringer for our girl Andi, who was the first of the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise to break Nick’s heart, but she does look very similar.

Most likely to confuse Nick by looking like Kaitlyn Bristowe: Angela, 26.

Angela doesn’t look like she could be Kaitlyn Bristowe’s twin, but she definitely looks like she could be a sister or cousin. Side note: is it me or does Angela definitely own some jangly bracelets, and dot all her i’s with hearts? Just me? Okay.

Most likely to cry about everything: Danielle M., 31.

Danielle M. has a soft look about her that makes me think that she probably doesn’t speak above a whisper. I can see her frequently being on the verge of tears, which will prompt the other girls to pick on her, ultimately causing her self-imposed exit. The close captioning on Danielle M.’s limo exit will read, “sobbing” and “sobbing intensifies.”

Most likely to be the frontrunner up until mid-season: Brittany, 26.

At 5’2” Brittany is petite, but there’s something about her that screams “cross me and you’re dead.” She seems like the type of person Nick will be very intrigued by (“look at that unique necklace”), but ultimately he won’t pick her because she intimidates him (“she’ll strangle me with that necklace”).

Most likely to have thought she was going to be on Luke’s season: Christen, 25.

Christen seems sweet; she’s an Oklahoma gal who loves wild mustangs, Katniss Everdeen, and would choose to be a grapefruit above all other fruits and veggies. I can imagine her being into Luke’s war veteran past and that great head of hair of his.

Most likely to not be here to make friends: Josephine, 24.

Josephine probably looks better in person than she does in photographs.

Most likely to have an intro video of her laughing with a beach ball: Raven, 25.

Raven is the kind of girl who has a blonde best friend that she refers to as “Gigi,” which means Raven refers to herself as “Kendall.” My prediction is that Nick will enjoy touching her hair until about week 8.

Personally, I am not a Nick fan (#JUSTICE4WELLS), but I know many people who are, including these ladies. Let us know in the comments which of Nick’s contestants you think will win it all.


Most likely to be a secret adult film star: Hailey, 23.


Hailey is a little dead behind the eyes, and it's not because she has been jaded by immature boys, it's because she's been in the adult entertainment industry for the past 18 months.

Most likely to be delusional about everything: Danielle L., 27.

In her contestant bio, Danielle L. states that she would be Olivia Pope if she could be any fictional character, and refers to the Scandal character as “Gladiators in suits.” Danielle L., that is not a thing. Nick will be attracted to her because she’s very pretty, but her trite personality will turn him off.

Most likely to be that girl you hated in high school: Briana, 28.

Briana is that one girl from your high school who called herself an overachiever, even though she really wasn’t. Sorry, Briana, but playing the flute and earning straight A’s in history and science does not qualify you as an overachiever.

Most likely to have lived a sheltered life: Elizabeth, 24.

Elizabeth went on the internet once when she was 13, and she hasn’t been back since.

Look at Me Guess Job Titles for the Eligible Bachelors of The Bachelorette!

One of my favorite things about The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise is the number of absurd ways to say "unemployed." We've seen everything from pantsapreneur (I have no idea), to free spirit (she liked to get naked a lot), and dog lover (there are no words, just inaudible jealous mumblings). INSERT "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED" GIF HERE, AM I RIGHT?!

But seriously, bless whoever helps these people come up with incredible titles, such as:

Tony the Healer (who also had anger issues)

Emily the Twin (her sister was also on the show, and to no one's surprise was also "employed" as a twin)

Kelly the Dog Lover (I TOLD YOU ALL SHE WAS REAL)

What I also love is that there are some occupations that are clearly more Bach/Bachelorette inclined, such as "teacher" and "dentist," and especially "personal trainer" for male contestants. In Kaitlyn's season alone, there was personal trainer Shawn B., fitness trainer Justin, and fitness coach Ben Z. That's a lot of different ways to say "guy who picks up the used towels at the Crunch Gym in West Hollywood." Seriously, what a time to be alive.

Anyway, ABC has just released the photos of the contestants, which means that you, dear reader (hi, mom), will now be treated to my guesses as to each contestant's name (and some biographical info) based solely on their profile picture and name. Enjoy. 

Alex: Dental Assistant. 

Ali: Aladdin on Broadway. Ali is also racially ambiguous, which could work out well for him, as we've seen with contestants in the past. He could be Italian, or maybe Greek, or half Indian, or even Iranian, of which JoJo is half (her mother is Iranian). 

Brandon: Ringtone Maker by day, guitarist by night. There's something about his hair, the visible necklace, and his name that really gives me a "I live in Nashville and I play on a vintage Gibson" vibe. On a related note, Brandon also looks like Michael Fassbender's illegitimate younger brother who their parents hid in the attic for 18 years. 

Chad: Executive Recruiter. I predict Chad will go pretty far. 

Chase: Soybean Specialist. 

Christian (token black guy #1): Former Professional Soccer Player.

Coley: Financial Consultant. This is going to sound mean, but he kind of looks like his mother might have been infected with the Zika virus when she was pregnant. It looks like his head wasn't properly formed. 

Derek: Cell Phone Retailer. Derek played baseball in college at ASU or some school in Arizona. 

Daniel: Magician/Bartender.

Evan: Pick-up Artist. Evan is definitely from Las Vegas, and probably claims to be a Buddhist.

Grant (token black guy #2): Male Cheerleader. He's posing with a "you better lose 25 pounds before you expect me to lift you" look.

Jake (token black guy #3): Mime. He's got a face made for expression. I can also see Jake claiming that he's John Boyega's American cousin.

James F: Vampire.

James S: Carrot Farmer. That skin tone, though!

James Taylor: Eighth Grade English Teacher. He probably hates James Taylor, and goes through a similar situation as the guy from Office Space who was named Michael Bolton, but in this case James Taylor the musician doesn't suck—it's James Taylor, bachelorette contestant, who does.

Jonathan: Katy Perry Superfan. He'll probably start singing "Firework" when he meets JoJo, and she will not be into it. 

Jordan: Pen Salesman. Really forgettable. 

Luke: Hairstylist. He obviously knows how to pose for a camera, so he's also an aspiring model. All I have to say is, WERK, KWEEN!

Nick B: Drew Carey Impersonator. 

Nick S: Owner of a Non-Profit Brewery that provides a child with a year's worth of education with every six-pack sold. Definitely a trust-funder, probably went to Vanderbilt, and that weird ascot-bandana he's wearing looks like it was given to him by a Tibetan monk as a thank you for providing an ancient monastery with running water.

Peter: Food Truck Owner.

Robby: Fitness Consultant. Robby looks like he could fly into a rage at any given moment. 

Sal: Workout Specialist. Sal is originally from Canada, but now lives in Grand Junction. 

Vinny: Gym Rat/Reddit Contributor. Vinny is a mama's boy from the Jersey Shore, and he's probably family friends with Vinny Guadagnino.

Wells: Social Media Expert.

Will: Youth Minister. Definitely still wears Livestrong bracelets, and he's probably really into contemporary gospel rock. Will seems like the kind of guy who will sprinkle in "so blessed" every few sentences.  

Bougie Water Review #2: L.A. Juice's L.A. Beauty

Yes, you read that right — it's another L.A. Juice review. I mean, of course I bought more than one juice at L.A. Juice! I LOVE TORTURING MY TASTE AND WALLET! I kid, I kid.

Anyway, I decided to try L.A. Beauty, which is a blend of apple, lemon, and ginger (I'm trying out oxford commas again because Disney likes them. I used to like them, but then I became trained to think they're bad... UGH!! Just decide already, ENGLISH LANGUAGE). 

PACKAGING: Again, L.A. Juice has really photogenic bottles. L.A. Beauty has a murky yellow color. Not as pretty as the Rose Water, but still nice. 

CLAIM: Immune booster, improves circulation. Hmm. Well, I haven't become sick yet since drinking it, but I only drank it a few days ago, so... I'll let you know. As for the circulation, I'm gonna come out and say "nope." I haven't noticed better circulation, and honestly, my right arm has felt sleepy and weird lately, but that could be due to the fact that I've started working out again (more on that later). 

PRICE: $9. Yeah, I hate myself, too.

TASTE: I really like the taste! It's spicy due to the ginger, so it's a little shocking at first, but if you like spicy I think you'll like this. The spiciness kind of overrides any other taste, but I think it's kinda fruity? IDK; honestly, like I said, the spice is intense, but in a good way.

BOUGIE-NESS: Just like the Rose Water, this is also pretty bougie. 

OVERALL THOUGHTS: I enjoyed drinking it, but because it's expensive, and I don't think its claims really work, I probably won't buy it again for at least a few months (insert sassy girl emoji). Another unfortunate thing about this one is that it's COMBUSTABLE! Well, kind of. I didn't drink the whole bottle when I took it on my drive into work, so I left some of it in my car with the cap on. When I got back to my car it had exploded. Why? I think it has to do with the ginger and maybe fermentation? I don't know, I hate science, sorry. But this has happened before with some of my other organic ginger juice concoctions, not to the same exploding extent, but the bottles of my other juices have become pressurized to the point of near-explosion. It's like carbonation, but not. I DON'T UNDERSTAND SCIENCE. Anyway, my car now kinda has a weird ginger smell to it. 

 Science? Ugh, idk and idc.

Science? Ugh, idk and idc.

GOOP APPROVED? Yes. Another four out of five Goopies!

Bougie Water Review #1: L.A. Juice's Rose

Am I a sucker for regular water disguised as something much more than it really is? HECK YES, I AM!  To quote one of my best friends, "[Amelia], you and your BOUGIE WATER." That is why I made sure to stop at L.A. Juice today to pick up their Alkaline Water with Rose Essence

Here is my first Bougie Water Review — I drink pretentious water (kind of an oxymoron, isn't it?) so you don't have to! ...Well, I mean, maybe you'll like my review and end up buying some. I don't know, it's your life.

 This was like, $7

This was like, $7

PACKAGING: Really photogenic! As you can see from the photo above, it has a really pretty pink color that looks great on Instagram. I like the simple font, and the squat little shape adds to the cute factor. The only thing is that I wish the bottle was glass so that I could have a reason to save it and use it for something else.

CLAIM: Aids detoxification, mood enhancer. (Yeah, I don't know about these claims... I definitely had a weird stomach ache afterwards, but that might have been because I hadn't had anything to eat in five hours, and I had just survived my first Cycle House class).

PRICE: $7. The Minnesotan in me wants to slap myself (but then again, we have an expensive juice shop now! Granted, it's only one, compared to the juice stores on every corner in L.A.). There isn't a lot of water in the bottle, to be honest. I guzzled this baby down pretty quickly.

TASTE: Eh, not a huge fan. It tastes like perfumed water. You can definitely taste the rose, which is weird.

BOUGIE-NESS: This is pretty bougie. I mean, the name is "L.A. Juice Alkaline Water with Rose Essence." Yeah. Just imagine your friend trying to convince you of the claims of this $7 water — "Oh em gee, Anne! This water like, totally, makes me feel *so* detoxified! I can feel my pores opening and my blackheads disappearing." Meanwhile, your friend has only drank half of the tiny bottle.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: I probably won't buy this again, but you know what? I already have 18 likes on Instagram from the photo that I posted of it, so there.

GOOP APPROVED? Yes. I give it four out of five Goopies (I didn't give it five because Goop herself hasn't recommended it... yet).

Super Bowl 50

I'm going to come out and say it: today was the Super Bowl, and boy did it disappoint. Last year we had Left Shark, Pete Carroll's horrible mistake, and I'm sure some kind of memorable commercial that I can't seem to remember off the top of my head. This Super Bowl, Super Bowl 50 to be exact, was the Super Bowl of good defense, hating on Cam by old white dudes, praise of "The Sheriff" (a.k.a., Peyton Manning — BTW, WTF is that nickname, ew) even though he hardly did anything and his defense pretty much won the game, and the random halftime show with Beyoncé and Bruno Mars, featuring Coldplay (even though Coldplay was the headliner). This year was incredibly boring, so boring that I actually fell asleep in the last quarter, only to wake up and see the confetti streaming down inside Levi's Stadium in the Bay Area. 

 My Super Bowl Snapchat story...

My Super Bowl Snapchat story...

Another disappointment was the lack of any memorable Super Bowl commercials. Other than it being the biggest sporting event of the year in America, the Super Bowl is also known for having the funniest, most creative, celebrity-filled commercials. Usually advertisers try to one-up each other, but this year it was like they weren't even trying. This year's most memorable commercial involved a choir of various groups of people singing about a car or something (I can't exactly remember, that's how bad these ads were this year), with the gimmick being that the groups were comprised of people who were conceived after Super Bowl wins, a.k.a., they were "Super Bowl babies." And to be honest, the only reason why I vaguely remember this commercial is because I saw it trending on Twitter. Yeah. On a related note, because the Super Bowl was broadcast on CBS this year, we had to witness a number of excruciatingly unfunny promos for The Big Bang Theory. Moving on.

Even the halftime show was kinda lame. Coldplay was the headliner (WHOSE IDEA WAS THIS?), which I kind of don't understand because they're definitely light rock/light alt. and not really the Super Bowl's demographic. I mean, I personally really like Coldplay, but I just don't think they're right for the Super Bowl. Their most "intense" song is Clocks, and I think that song is about love filtered through the metaphor of clocks. I have no idea. Anyway, the performance was fine, but a little more Live 8 than Super Bowl 50, in my opinion. Thankfully, Beyoncé and Bruno Mars joined Coldplay for a little more of an upbeat tempo. That was fun. There was a lot of color, which was cool. But legitimately, that was it.


Honestly, after that I don't really remember what happened because I fell asleep. All I know was that someone mentioned Michael Oher, a.k.a. the guy who inspired The Blind Side movie, so naturally I became a little more excited. But it was a super boring game with a boring halftime show and boring commercials. The best part was Eli Manning's reaction to the Broncos sealing up the win. The look on his face was the internalized defeat of knowing that the one thing he had over his older, more talented brother (two Super Bowl rings) was no more. 

BONUS! Enjoy my Super Bowl 50 experience in Snapchats:

 He does have a five-head, though. DON'T LIE.

He does have a five-head, though. DON'T LIE.



 We have no way of knowing.

We have no way of knowing.

 JK luv u, J Dawg.

JK luv u, J Dawg.

 Clearly, I really want this to happen.

Clearly, I really want this to happen.

 Props to the graphics department or whatever.

Props to the graphics department or whatever.

 "Nationwide is on your side."

"Nationwide is on your side."

All Snaps courtesy of @ameliadeew


Get Excited... Because I'm Back!

Just kidding, don't get too lit. But I am coming back to chronicle my life on this blog. Why?

Because it's just easier. I have to get back to work, but I want you all to enjoy this Neil deGrasse Tyson diss track brought to you by #FlatEarthTruther B.O.B., a.k.a. the guy who brought us "Airplanes," like five years ago.